Oyster Tasting Party in Gulf Shores with Lulu Buffett

Do you really care where your oysters come from or do you just like to slurp them down with an ice cold beer?  Would you pay more for a quality oyster?

Auburn University and its Shell Lab on Dauphin Island is interested in knowing your opinions. They hosted an oyster tasting shindig at Lulu’s in Gulf Shores, Alabama last night. We were among 51 participants who signed up and enjoyed some great tasting oysters.

There were 8 different oysters to smell, admire, touch, and taste from different areas along the Gulf Coast. The states of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana were all represented. Some were wild, some were farm raised. We gave ratings for appearance of the whole shell, then, once the oysters were shucked, we ranked them on color, texture, moisture, the general appearance of the edges, and overall size.


Then came the tasting. We were discouraged from using traditional condiments like cocktail sauce. That is not an easy task — even for the most diehard oyster lover.  Gary and I both gave similar ratings. He’s had far more experience tasting raw oysters than I, but I think I did an equally good job and enjoyed them very much. Turns out our favorites were farm raised oysters.

I won’t spoil the research with any more details. Bill Walton and his crew at the Auburn Shell Lab have a substantial pile of paperwork to mull over and tally.

So, in answer to my question: The taste does matter to us and we would pay more for a great tasting oyster. 

And the cold beer?  Well, that’s a given.

Follow these big old footprints (seen above) to Lulu’s compound!



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  Gulf2key wrote @

Man that looks awesome, I wish I had known about it in time to have attended.

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