Dauphin Island Gumbo Cook-off

Dauphin Island’s Gumbo Cook-off was today and that’s were we ate lunch. You can’t beat the price, only $10 in advance and you could order tickets online. Lunch is all-you-can-eat as long as it’s available and you don’t mind standing in multiple lines for it.

We tried almost all of them; almost all because some vendors ran out early. I was told the turnout was bigger than the planners expected.

Here is my description of the choices we sampled: a gumbo that was very soupy (the shrimp I had were mushy); a tomato-soupish gumbo with fish and rice (I didn’t get a shrimp in that sample); a gumbo that was more like shrimp and rice in butter sauce; a shrimp and rice gumbo with a perfect roux (my winning pick); one that was too spicy to eat; and a seafood mixture with a bland roux. Most were really good and there was definitely a variety.

The winners should be in the Mobile paper tomorrow.

Dauphin Island Gumbo Cook-off 3/26/11

Alton Brown was the guest for the event. He took a trip on a shrimp boat with some VIPs (Gary included) in the morning.  He was to do a meet-and-greet around 3pm and then go have dinner with some VIPs.

We didn’t stick around. My oldest son is not a fan of gumbo so he held out for lunch on the way home: Chick-Fil-A. My youngest was disappointed he couldn’t get to meet Alton Brown. He’s the food nerd in our house and a big fan of Mr. Brown.

The day was wonderful; sunshine, perfect temperatures, not too humid. If you didn’t make it this year, I suggest you put it on your calendar for next year.


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